I’m Going Home … (For 6 Weeks)

Three weeks ago I was enjoying a relaxing trip to Pinamar, landing on the shores of La Plata to enjoy mate and cold walks on the beach with friends.

It was the perfect time to reflect on my impending trip home.

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Reflections After a Sunny Day in Parque Palermo

I have been a very, very bad travel blogger. Somewhere between starting a new job (Project Manager for a company that designs websites) and realizing that I have been living in Buenos Aires for 18 months (um, when did that happen?), I have stopped blogging and traveling. Well, I haven’t stopped as much as I have been stalled.

Let me explain.

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Camping in Villa Gesell

When you ask Argentines about Villa Gesell, they will warn you that it’s full of pandejos. Roughly translated: Rambunctious teenagers on their first vacation or shirtless dudes with silly tattoos zipping around on 4 x 4s.

Not exactly my scene.

Lucky for me, we decided to camp at Mar Dorado, a campsite nestled amongst pine trees and whimsically white sand dunes, 4 km outside of Villa Gesell.

Jogger Meg

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