Reflections After a Sunny Day in Parque Palermo

I have been a very, very bad travel blogger. Somewhere between starting a new job (Project Manager for a company that designs websites) and realizing that I have been living in Buenos Aires for 18 months (um, when did that happen?), I have stopped blogging and traveling. Well, I haven’t stopped as much as I have been stalled.

Let me explain.

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Camping in Villa Gesell

When you ask Argentines about Villa Gesell, they will warn you that it’s full of pandejos. Roughly translated: Rambunctious teenagers on their first vacation or shirtless dudes with silly tattoos zipping around on 4 x 4s.

Not exactly my scene.

Lucky for me, we decided to camp at Mar Dorado, a campsite nestled amongst pine trees and whimsically white sand dunes, 4 km outside of Villa Gesell.

Jogger Meg

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