Happy New Year from Traveling Meg!


Mt. Rainier from Crystal Mountain Ski Area

It’s 2013. Wow.

I belatedly raise my local PNW microbrew to say cheers & thank you for continuing to read my blog.

For me, some highlights of this year were:

So what’s in store for this year?

Oh, you know, a little bit of South American traveling, internet working and of course, some New Year’s resolute-ing like:

  • Travel: Visit a brand spankin’ new country. (Paraguay?)
  • Work: Take some sort of Project Management course.
  • Life: Stop procrastinating. (This is a BIG one.)
  • Health: Master the art of headstands and/or handstands with some help from my favorite Buenos Aires yoga studio.

So here’s to 2013!!

Reflections After a Sunny Day in Parque Palermo

I have been a very, very bad travel blogger. Somewhere between starting a new job (Project Manager for a company that designs websites) and realizing that I have been living in Buenos Aires for 18 months (um, when did that happen?), I have stopped blogging and traveling. Well, I haven’t stopped as much as I have been stalled.

Let me explain.

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