Camping in Villa Gesell

When you ask Argentines about Villa Gesell, they will warn you that it’s full of pandejos. Roughly translated: Rambunctious teenagers on their first vacation or shirtless dudes with silly tattoos zipping around on 4 x 4s.

Not exactly my scene.

Lucky for me, we decided to camp at Mar Dorado, a campsite nestled amongst pine trees and whimsically white sand dunes, 4 km outside of Villa Gesell.

Jogger Meg

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Photo Blog: Lifeguard Towers of Villa Gesell

I recently seized the opportunity to get out of Buenos Aires for a long holiday weekend, since February 27th is National Flag Day in Argentina.

My Destination: Villa Gesell. Home to quirky lifeguard towers staffed with bored surfer-lifeguards whose main job seemed to be keeping an eye on las chicas.

Guardavidas de Villa Gesell, Argentina

Patriotic Lifeguard Station

My Favorite

Where is Villa Gesell?