Things Found at the Otavalo Market, Ecuador


If you are looking for some color in your life, head to the Saturday Otavalo Market in Ecuador. A two hour taxi drive (or a four hour bus) from Quito leads you through massive rose nurseries and the shadow of a massive volcano before plopping you in Otavalo. Well worth the trip, Otavalo is full of vendors who want to sell you stuff. Bargain hard and shamelessly.

yarn-otavalo The people of Otavalo are famous for their weaving crafts. The fabulously bright colors and the pushy indigenous saleswomen with gold necklaces will confuse you into buying too many things that you will never, ever wear  once you get back home. It is totally worth it.
ribbon-otavalo And don’t forget to grab a bite to eat…

One comment

  1. Tiffani · November 22, 2013

    ohhh my gosh i would buy everything

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