Getting Classy in Buenos Aires: Teatro Colon

A long, long time ago, there was a lot of money in Buenos Aires. So much so, that they built a ridiculously classy and fancy European style theater in 1908.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, Teatro Colon:


“Oooohhh …… Ahhhhhhh”


Straight outta Europe, the caballeros and damas of Buenos Aires would come here to get their teatro on.

Buenos Aires Teatro Colon

Luckily today, they still do. Teatro Colon recently went through a massive renovation, helping to make everything shiny, gold and simply stunning. If you have the opportunity to see a play or take a tour of the theater like I did, I highly recommend it.


Seat 340 Teatro Colon

Classy seats.


And world-class acoustics.

Teatro Colon is rated in the top five concert venues in the world based on acoustics.

Fun facts.

In the early 1900s, Argentine widows had to spend the first 2 years of widowhood outside of the public eye (and I thought Cristina Kirchner’s 2 years wearing all black was bad). But the widows could still go to Teatro Colon and listen to the opera and plays in these special secret rooms, pictured above. They look like heating vents and you can’t see anything from inside them, but this is as close as the widows could get to nightlife during their period of mourning.

teatro colon

If you’re in Buenos Aires, it’s definitely worth checking out Teatro Colon. Tours area one hour long and leave every 15 mins. Show up and if you’re foreign, hand over the 110 pesos. Or get your Argentine friend to buy them for a bargain of 30 pesos each. You won’t regret it.

You can find more information, including their latest shows, ballets and operas on the Teatro Colon website.

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