Reflections After a Sunny Day in Parque Palermo

I have been a very, very bad travel blogger. Somewhere between starting a new job (Project Manager for a company that designs websites) and realizing that I have been living in Buenos Aires for 18 months (um, when did that happen?), I have stopped blogging and traveling. Well, I haven’t stopped as much as I have been stalled.

Let me explain.

You see, I’ve been busy. In between sipping Malbec and eating copious amounts of steak (or whatever you people imagine I do all day long) I have 40 hours of work, Spanish lessons to attend, soccer games to play, English classes to teach, yoga to practice and…. well, you get the point.

Perhaps my friend Alia put it best when she whined with a mixture of annoyance and impatience, “Meeeeeeg, why you always gotta do stuff?”

She does have a point.

Because as much as I love doing all these things, it can fill up my free time to the point where my days are filled with obligations more than fulfillment. And that sh*t has got to stop (Tina Fey voice).

So I decided it was time to say ‘no’ to certain things and say ‘yes’ to creating time for things I love. Like writing. Or enjoying sunny Saturdays in Parque Palermo, smelling the roses.

Mate in the Parque

Basically, what I’m saying is: I hope to be blogging more in the near future.

Possible topics include my upcoming weekend trip to Colonia or the fact that I am returning US for 6 weeks in the summer.

Stay tuned.

One comment

  1. Kathy Kaseburg · June 12, 2012

    Looking forward to your visit home meg!!! aunt Kathy

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