Ice, Ice Baby: Checkin’ Out Glaciers in Argentina

Blue Ice

Blue Ice

Cool wind rushes past my face as I look out over a field of 7-Eleven Slurpee-blue icebergs. I am very, very far south, navigating through a terrain of floating and cracking ice.

Tour vessels

The journey begins!

Glacier National Park in Santa Cruz, Argentina is full of… you guessed it, glaciers. Big glaciers, hanging glaciers, chunks-falling-off-it-glaciers; they are all here. The most famous is Perrito Moreno, the world’s only glacier that is actually growing, bucking the global trend of shrinking ice caps. While Perrito Moreno is easily accessible to the public, the rest of the glaciers are not and the only way to see them by boat.


Ice, Ice Baby

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like boats, I like mountains and I like glaciers. But a glacier boat tour is not the top thing on my list of things to do in Argentina. Because there is no adventure in sitting around looking at glaciers and then dozing off in your seat for an afternoon nap. However, it really is the only way to see all of the glaciers in the park including the over 400-foot high Spegazzini glacier and the tongue shaped Viedma glacier.

Glacier Viedma

Glacier Viedma

Therefore I’m on a boat. But I am not alone.

Fighting to take a picture

But the glaciers, sunshine and fascinating people watching (so these are the type of people that take glacier tours) make for an incredibly enjoyable day. Plus the tour is full of fun facts that you can use at your next trivia night. For example: What gives icebergs their color?

Science of ice

Answer: Variety of factors, most importantly the density of the ice and the air bubbles. Blue icebergs tend to be older and have a higher density (less air bubbles).

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  1. Lucas Rokosz · February 4, 2012

    great photos, thank you for sharing.

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